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Charity Care

Healthcare Debt Recovery

Healthcare providers are facing an industry in transition.  As costs rise and patients are being asked to pay more out-of-pocket, providers need low-cost, high-impact financial tools that increase collections and reduce the amount of revenue written-off as bad debt.

That’s where Atlas Collections’ compassionate, effective patient collection services can help.  Our firm-but-fair approach to debt recovery is rooted in concern not only for our clients’ bottom line, but their reputation and integrity as well.  Both are critical in today’s healthcare marketplace – especially with patient quality scores set to become a major driver of healthcare reimbursement.

At Atlas, a win-win resolution is our goal for every encounter.  We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between superior collectability and a process that is complaint-free.  Our debt recovery solution helps healthcare organizations recover more outstanding revenue, while also providing fair, patient-friendly outreach that eliminates issues and frustration.

Why Atlas?

• Contingency-based fee model

• Experienced, licensed staff

• Fee Addendum Disclaimer helps offsets collection costs

• Fully compliant with all HIPAA and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) regulations

• Personalized, firm-but-fair approach to debt collection

• Best-class technology, including Ontario FACS software


Soft Account Management

Atlas’ Soft Account Management program provides fast, effective “Early Out” debt recovery services to healthcare providers that want to devote hands-on attention to post-insurance or self-pay accounts that are in the critical 60 day post-encounter period. To learn more about our Soft Account Management program, please click here.

First Placement Collections

Atlas best-practice First Placement services consistently outperform the industry-average, delivering more revenue back to our clients’ balance sheet. To learn more about our First Placement collection services, please click here.

Second Placement Collections

Is your collections agency struggling to collect first placement patient debt?  Atlas’ Second Placement services can help you collect more of the money you’re owed before it’s written-off as bad debt  – providing a deep-dive assessment that cleans-up accounts that didn’t yield the first-placement results you anticipated.  To learn more about our Second Placement collection services, please click here.

Charity Care Management

Atlas’ Charity Care Management services are designed to handle the entire process – from application qualification through submission – so you don’t have to.  Using a proprietary analytical model, we proactively identify patient accounts that qualify for charity care under Federal Poverty Guidelines. To learn more about our Charity Care Management program, please click here.

Custom Reporting

To collect the most revenue from your accounts, you need access to the kind of data that supports quick decisions.  Atlas offers custom reporting to ensure you have the information you need, when you need it, in a format that you can use.

The Boyce relationship with Atlas Collections has provided an added benefit for our municipal utility customers

Michael Galliher, CEO, Boyce Systems