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How We Work

Atlas Collections' services are performed on a contingency basis.  So you are only charged for what we collect for your organization.

We create customized collections plans, working with your staff to create a debt recovery solution that exceeds your expectations – all at a reasonable cost. 

Our fees typically range from 6% to 50%, based on a number of factors, including

• Type and scope of service require

• Age and type of accounts submitted

• Quantity of accounts and average balance size


Gross Dollars Placed x Recovery Rate x Collection Fee = Total amount Recovered

For Example:

Consider a company who submits $10,000 in accounts, assuming 30% recovery , and a 30% agency fee.

$10,000   Gross Placements
x   30%   Average Recovery Rate
$3,000   Gross Recovery Dollars
x   30%   Collection Fee
$1,000   Net Agency Fee
$2,000   Net Client Return


The $2,000 net client return in that scenario would otherwise go uncollected.  Recovered debt increases profitability – providing your business with additional cash on hand to fund operations and reinvest in new processes.

Liberty-Perry Schools have used Atlas Collections with success for several years.  We have found Atlas to be responsive to our needs and professional while working to collect funds owed to the school district.  I recommend the services provided by Atlas to my colleagues.  

Bryan Rausch, Liberty-Perry Community Schools