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How We Work

Atlas Collections' services are performed on a contingency basis. So you are only charged for what we collect for your organization.

We create customized collections plans, working with your staff to create a debt recovery solution that exceeds your expectations – all at a reasonable cost.

Our fees typically range from 6% to 50%, based on a number of factors, including

  • type and scope of service require
  • Age and type of accounts submitted
  • Quantity of accounts and average balance size


Gross Dollars Placed x Recovery Rate x Collection Fee = Total amount Recovered

For Example:

Consider a company who submits $10,000 in accounts, assuming 30% recovery, and a 30% agency fee.

$10,000  Gross Placements
x   30%  Average Recovery Rate
$3,000  Gross Recovery Dollars
x   30%  Collection Fee
$1,000  Net Agency Fee
$2,000  Net Client Return

The $2,000 net client return in that scenario would otherwise go uncollected. Recovered debt increases profitability – providing your business with additional cash on hand to fund operations and reinvest in new processes.

"You have to love a local company owned by local individuals that are committed to providing excellent service to businesses in a professional manner while maintaining a personal relationship with all parties involved."

Dr. Steve Farmer M.D., Lead Physician, American Health Network/Muncie