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Healthcare First Placements

Bad debt is a growing problem for many healthcare providers. Skyrocketing healthcare costs and shrinking employer benefits are gradually shifting the burden of treatment costs from payers to patients.

For providers, the current healthcare landscape poses serious profitability challenges. To help offset more uncompensated care, greater levels of bad debt, and higher collection costs, you need smart, proven strategies that help your practice collect more of the money you’re owed - without a corresponding increase in overhead.

Atlas best-practice first placement services consistently outperform the industry-average, delivering more revenue back to our clients’ balance sheet. In addition, our proprietary Fee Addition Disclaimer helps minimize collection costs – in some cases even offsetting them entirely.

Why Atlas?

  • Recoup 100% of the revenue from patients referred for first-placement collections
  • Offset expensive collection agency and attorney fees
  • Clarify patient financial expectations and responsibilities prior to treatment
  • Contingency fee model ensures we’re only paid when we deliver revenue
  • Our services are Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and HIPAA compliant
  • Trained, accredited staff uses a firm-but-fair approach that respects your practice and its patients


• Letters

Atlas initiates the collection effort by mailing each account a letter to validate their debt. We will allow 30 days for a response before personally following-up on accounts that require additional attention.

• Follow-up Calls

An Atlas Account Representative will begin calling on accounts approximately 31 days debt validation if no response is received from the letter campaign. Our staff will request payment in full, agreed upon settlement terms, or establish a payment plan. If unsuccessful, the account will be transferred to the litigation process (if a valid Place of Employment exists).

• Litigation

If no resolution can be reached, a review for possible litigation and garnishments (wage and/or bank) will be pursued. Asset location is used to assist with perfection of the judgment in the appropriate jurisdictions. Atlas offers litigation services in all 92 Indiana counties and in jurisdictions across the country, ensuring you receive consistent and effective representation regardless of geography. 

"You have to love a local company owned by local individuals that are committed to providing excellent service to businesses in a professional manner while maintaining a personal relationship with all parties involved."

Dr. Steve Farmer M.D., Lead Physician, IU Health