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Second Placement Collections

On average, over 85% of patient debt goes unrecovered during the collections process. That’s millions of dollars of revenue destined to become bad debt.

Atlas’ efficient, proven second placement services are designed to efficiently support front-line collection practices – helping you recover more revenue before it’s written-off. We provide a deep-dive analytical assessment that allocates additional hands-on attention to the accounts that require the most follow-up support. Our firm is a second placement specialist: quickly, compassionately cleaning-up accounts that either haven’t been processed yet or didn’t yield the first-placement results you anticipated.


• Scoring

Atlas’ analytics team scores each account into one of four “medal” categories based upon receivables age, position in the collection process, patient credit profile, and potential settlement options.

• Sorting

Accounts are transferred into the proper disposition to streamline collection, cancellation, and write-off by client, or – if they are already in the litigation process – follow-up for possible garnishment.

• Collection Letters

Atlas initiates the collection effort by “validating debt” with a simple, patient-friendly collection letter. We allow 30 days for response before following-up with more personalized, hands-on account resolution tools.

• Follow-up Calls

Each Atlas Account Representative is trained, experienced, and certified with the American Collectors Association (ACA). These highly trained professionals offer patients fair, personalized payment options – including payment in full, settlement options, or recurring payment plans.

• Litigation

If no resolution can be reached, accounts will be referred for garnishment review. Atlas offers litigation services in all 92 Indiana counties and in jurisdictions across the country.

"You have to love a local company owned by local individuals that are committed to providing excellent service to businesses in a professional manner while maintaining a personal relationship with all parties involved."

Dr. Steve Farmer M.D., Lead Physician, IU Health