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Property Rental Collections

Property owners who mistakenly assume every lessee will be a model tenant can quickly end up on the wrong side of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. It’s your right to receive appropriate financial restitution. Protect your investment with Atlas Services' firm-but-fair rental collection services.

Atlas has decades of experience collecting debt for property owners and understand the special challenges that arise when trying to trying to track down tenants in transition. Our simple, effective, contingency-based program uses multiple garnishment options to help you quickly collect more of the money you’re owed by tenants.

Why Atlas?

  • Contingency-based fee model
  • Experienced, licensed staff
  • Our Collection Fee Disclaimer helps offsets collection costs
  • Fully compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Best-class technology, including Ontario FACS software
  • Personalized, firm-but-fair approach to debt collection


Residential Screening

Through a partnership with National Tenant Network, we offer residential screening that uses standardized application scoring and comprehensive reporting to identify ideal – and problem – tenants before they ever sign a lease.

Contact Management

Owners with the best information on lessees can expect to receive the most money back from their claims. We obtain critical information for all lease signers, including:

  • Name and forwarding address
  • Signed lease or judgment
  • Place, of employment
  • Social Security Number
  • Co-Signer Agreements
  • Damage deposit letter or current statement
  • Settlement options
  • Copies of judgment papers (if already in litigation process)

Collections Services

Find them and follow-up in a fair manner. That’s how Atlas approaches your outstanding rental accounts. We use credit reporting, skip-tracing, and effective, user-friendly collection letters and calls to follow-up on your judgments.

Litigation Services

As a licensed Indiana collections agency for forty-plus years, Atlas representatives can appear in court on your behalf to argue your right to collect from tenants.


Transparency matters when it’s your money. That’s why Atlas offers detailed reporting and will provide an immediate response to your rental collection questions.

"You have to love a local company owned by local individuals that are committed to providing excellent service to businesses in a professional manner while maintaining a personal relationship with all parties involved."

Dr. Steve Farmer M.D., Lead Physician, IU Health